Should Youth be allowed to do Extreme Sports

Should Youth be allowed to do Extreme Sports Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Morning to one and all. This time is after midnight that today I stand here against the motion, Should youth be allowed to do extreme sports”. The youth should not be extremely motivated for taking part or undergoing extreme sports activities. The risk involved in these sports is negative side of adventure. In other words, the consequences of adventure in which youth have interest in speed because they seek joy in the adventure of speed unconsidering its consequences upon physical and mental health. In case of success, they come use to these extreme sports or speedy activities. In the history, no person has escaped the terrors of extreme games but if success has been tasted it might be in the presence of coaches and mentors. The youth even do not matter the environmental limitations and so are plotted lawfully or unlawfully. For example, maintaining, there should be an age for graduating this sport because when an individual reaches to the age of majority he/she has to consider all the aspects of process. After all there is a difference between mindset of 20 and 30 years boy. The fact should be considered that if a boy of 20 years meet accident during such sports his/her rest life is blocked. In comparison to other individual who may have not faced the same at the age of 40. One must calculate from this example that former has not enjoyed at least total 40 years so extreme sports should be legal but after a certain age. Hence, it is concluded that while opting for games, the youth should reconsider other options also because in the case if there is no life how the things will go so; games should be played to live the life not to risk the life….. 

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