Pitchers AND catchers?

Sometimes we're grown-ups and sometimes we're kids.  Pitchers and Catchers is totally a little kid thing to get excited about.  It's like when they turn the calendar over to December, see the 25th sitting there, and start screaming "It's almost Christmas!" while running around the house. That's cute, right?

Of course pitchers and catchers turns into Spring Training which is the equivalent to the same kid, 90 minutes later, still running around and screaming.  Worse, when you tell them to calm down they scream  "IIII caaaaan't stoppppp myselffffff!!!!" while bouncing from couch to couch. Yes you can, dammit.

Nats fans are waiting on two things right now. Is Gio going to be punished in some way for his association with that Florida clinic?  Does Danny Espinosa look healthy? That's about it. Everything else is either better left to when the season begins, or mostly inconsequential.

Of course, it's up to you how much of this you want to absorb.  Maybe you love it, and to each his own. I'll just be writing the same random stuff until the off-season becomes the in-season.

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