Walking in place

The "big news" of last night for the Nats was the ESPN story that told us... well it told us nothing new in regards to Gio.  Two sources said Gio didn't receive banned substances, which matches up with what Gio said and more importantly matches up with the facts we already knew about the case. It's really a lack of news, but when you are following an investigation, even a lack of news is news.

Gio looks good mainly because it's rare in these type of investigations that things don't get worse.  They have for A-Rod. They have for Braun. They have for all those other players not originally named.

However, as the same facts seem to exonerate Gio, the same questions remain. Did Gio really know nothing about this clinic as he claims? If so, why does the clinic seem to know him? And if he's lying, why, as it seems so far that he has nothing to hide? And what about this "coach"?

Really though, just like the story around Gio is spinning in place, so are the Nats and their fans. Nothing matters until MLB hands down their sentence (or lack there of).

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