Gameweek 29 Preview, or, while my fantasy team gently weeps

Look guys, it's going to be carnage this week. I would genuinely take 20 points if offered right now, but given the lack of great options available, I don't believe it's a situation where splashing out on four points is going to really help. Even if you have a wildcard, selling out for this week is likely a bad idea as you don't want to be setup with no players from teams like Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. In short then, just try and minimise your losses and target selling players who have an off week and whose future prospects you aren't crazy about (Everton players spring to mind here given their upcoming fixtures).

To address a point that will almost certainly come up if anyone links to this page, you'll notice that the all conquering Gareth Bale finds himself well down the rankings despite all the talent missing this week. I understand that this goes against your gut, but please remember that this model is based on statistical averages and is not supposed to simply make every decision for us. If you believe Bale is better than his underlying stats and can unlock a Liverpool defense who have generally been outstanding at home, then feel free to captain him, but until I see something concrete to suggest he can outperform all the facts, I'm happy holding him down a couple of places this week (any suggestions of why he can out shoot that averages are welcomed in the comments section).

Good luck, it's going to be a rough week

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