Optimism is the new reality

The Nats are probably the best team in the major leagues. They had a great starting pitching staff last year. They arguably improved it. They had a great defense last year. They certainly improved it (assuming Danny stays healthy). They had a great relief core last year. They arguably improved it (but I'm not so sure the results will be better). They had a decent offense last year.  One could argue that they'll have a better season this year (there are forces pulling in both directions so either argument is valid).  They possibly have the best young starting pitcher and the best young offensive player in the game today.

They won 98 games last year. Nothing obviously got worse.

I'll still blog in mostly the same way I always have.  This is wrong. This could be better. This is good here and overlooked. This is fine, but this could use some work.  The difference is it's not .500 or even the playoffs we're talking about here. Any negative by itself fits into this season as a "how will this effect their chances of winning the NL East again". Pennants are the new baseline.

Could things change? Of course. Injuries, surprise let downs, great performances by other teams, these can all affect how the Nats season goes. It's a long year. But right now there is no overly optimistic view of the 2013 Washington Nationals, unless you are looking for 120 wins. 

Three weeks fans. 20 days.

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